Stop saying “I’m not like” or “I can’t be,” and start saying “I am” and “I can.” I am capable. I can do this. I am more. I am worth it. I can accomplish it. I am me. Acknowledge your weaknesses and limitations, but stop magnifying them. There is more to you than what you lack, both what you perceive to lack and what you do lack. We all have our shortfalls and misgivings. We were not made to be cookie-cutter perfect. But our sufficiency and capabilities should overcome our deficiencies and incompetence. Our capacity to grow has no boundaries. So grow to be the you who love himself/herself.

Indulge in yourself. Put on your favorite TV show and watch one episode after another for hours. Sleep in and wake up to the afternoon light streaming from your window. Eat another brownie. Have an extra scoop of ice cream. Get more of that rice bowl. Drink a fourth cup of your favorite beverage. Take long showers if you want to. Stay in your room and ignore the rest of the world. Worry about yourself for once and find pleasures in the things you used to enjoy. Forget about the demands from others and listen to your inner demands and desires. Sometimes we forget about ourselves when we’re trying to make others happy. Satisfy yourself every once in a while. Pamper yourself. Don’t always yield for someone.

Build a home out of happiness. Allow for your sadness to fill you and give it the time and attention it desperately craves. It’s a resident, so don’t mistake it for a shelter for your own heart and body. Open your door and welcome it with open arms, but know when to stop embracing it. Learn to let go. Learn its temporary residency in your abode. Learn when to allow other emotions in. Remember sadness is not synonymous to weakness. Just because you are on the floor or on your bed with your lungs collapsing, your heart ripped out, or your mind craving for a never-ending sleep does not mean you are incapacitated. Everyone has their bad (worst) days. You have legs - go for a walk and leave crumbs of your sadness with every step. You have arms - hug people and let them shed light. You have hands - grab a book and discover worlds. You have eyes and ears - take in new sights and sounds and allow them to overwhelm you with new feelings.

Take good care of yourself. Find the middle ground between being soft and being hard. Be kind, but know when you’re being taken for granted. Then be a storm. Shower yourself with attention, patience, and care. Look at your reflection in the mirror and take notes of every curve, bump, indentation, mark, and line. Remember the days when you used to not care about them. Remember the days when looking in the mirror didn’t bring hints of weary or disgust. Have some alone time and rediscover yourself without the notions of society’s ideals. Amplify your passions. Bookmark your strengths. Listen to good songs. Dance even if you’re not good at it. Photograph people, trees, buildings, and anything worth remembering. Breathe. Slow down. Cherish every moment. Treasure every blink. Don’t rush life.

To Fall In Love With Yourself (NJ.)


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think about what your dog would say to you if he knew how much you hated yourself

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